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At Solar Center, we won't rent, sell or barter your email address (or any other contact information) to third parties. In addition, we will only send you Solar center emails directly related to the solar newsletter, information about the solar power industry or information you requested on solar power systems. Our newsletter is biannual, however we have talked about making it quarterly. If there is a change in the solar rebate situation in your area, we will send you an email as soon as we learn about the change.

In addition, we may send you very occasional invitations to participate in a survey or questionnaire which we will use to help improve our operations and services. We follow best practices for email marketing and CAN-SPAM compliance. Please note that any information you submit to this site, or separately via mail, fax or other method, may be used by Solar Center to provide energy conservation, solar energy, backup power system, retrofit or other advice to your business or residence. We may provide this information to vendors, contractors, other consultants or businesses so that they can assist with this advice and or implementation work. Since we do not have any control over how these third parties will use your information, please do not provide any information to Solar Center, either explicitly (in any written, oral, or computer form) or implicitly (such as in cookies) that you wish to keep private and/or confidential.


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If you’ve registered for a free evaluation, we may have your address. We do not rent, sell or barter your physical address, telephone or cell phone number. Your information is kept completely confidential for our own internal use for evaluating a system for your home or business as you’ve requested. If you do choose to buy a solar power system from us (and we appreciate your business) you may be contacted to see if you want to participate in a news article, video shoot or solar home tour.  We get many requests from the media for interviews with home and business solar power system owners.

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