Industry Acronyms

AB - Assembly Bill (California)
ACC - Avoided cost calculator
ACC - Arizona Corporation Commission
ACEEE - American Counsel for Energy Efficient Economy.
ACM - Alternative Calculation Method
ACP - Avoided Cost of Power
ADR - Advance Demand Response
AEH - All Electric Homes
ALJ - Administrative Law Judge
API - Application programming interface
ARB - Air Resources Board
ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers
ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air conditioning Engineers.
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

BEES - Building Energy Efficiency Standards
BES - Battery (behind the meter) Energy Storage
BESS - Battery energy Storage System
BOA - Bonneville Power Administration

C&S - Codes & Standards
CABEC - California Association of Building Energy Consultants
CAISO - California Independent System Operator
CALBO - California Building Officials
CALWEA - California Wind Energy Association
CARB - California Air Resources Board
CARE - California Alternative Rate of Energy
CASE - Codes and Standards Enhancement
CBECC - California Building Energy Code Compliance
CBECS - Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey
CBIA - California Building Industry Association
CCA - Community Choice Aggregation
CCR - covenants, conditions, & restrictions
CCSA - Coalition for Community Solar Access
CCSE - California Center for Sustainable Energy
CDG - community distributed generation
CEA - California Energy Alliance
CEPE - Certified Energy Plans Examiner
CES - Clean Energy Standard
CESA - California Energy Storage Alliance
CESCP - Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional
CFI - California Flexible Installation
Central Fan Integrated
CFM - Cubic Feet per Minute
CforAT - Center for Accessible Technology
CJA - Climate Justice Alliance
CFR - Code of Federal Regulation
CIAG - Compliance Improvement Advisory Group
CLASP - Collaborative Labeling & Appliance Standards Program
CLICC - california Low Income Consumer Coallition
CLTC - California Lighting Technology Center
CPRE - Competitive Procurement of Renewable Energy Program
CPUC - California Public Utilities Commission
CRES - Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions
CREST - Clean Resource Energy Standard and Tariff
CRS - Center for Resource Solutions
CSE - Center for Sustainable Energy
CSE - California Simulation Engine
CSIP - Common Smart Inverter Profile
CSLB - Contractors State License Board
CT - Current Transformer
CT - combustion turbine
CTC - Competition Transition Charge
CV - Curriculum Vitae

DA - Direct Access
DDOR - Distribution deferral Operation Report
DER - Distribution Energy Resource
DERAC - Distributed Energy Resource Avoidance Cost Calculation
DERiM - Distributed Energy Resource Interconnection Map
DERMS - Distributed Energy Resource Management System
DIP - Debtor in Possession
DLC - Departing Load Customers
DPAG - Distribution Planning Advisory Group
DR - Demand response
DRMS - Demand Response Management System
DRP - Distributed Resource Plan
DRPEP - Distribution Resources Plan External Portal
DRPiM - Distributed Energy Resource Interconnection Map
DSIRE - Database of State Incentives for Renewable's & Efficiency
DTSC - Department of Toxic Substances Control
DWR - Department of Water Resources

EAPR - Energy Assistance Program Rate
EARI - Economic Advancement Research Institute
ECR - Enhanced Community Renewables
ED - Energy Division (at CPUC)
EDR - Energy Design Rating
EE - Energy Efficiency
EFC - Effective Flexible Capacity
EIA - U.S. Energy Information Administration
EIM - Energy Imbalance Market
EIR - Eligible Intermittent Resource
EM&V - Evaluation, Measurement, & Verification
EPA - Environmental Protection Act
EPBB - Expected Performance-Based Buy down
EPRI - Electric Power Research Institute
ERCOT - Electric Reliability Council of Texas
ERG - Eligible Renewable Generation
ERI - Energy Rating index
ESR - Electrical Service Requirements
ETCC - Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council
ETP - Emerging Technologies Program

FCPA - Foreign Corrupt Policy Act
FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FIT - Feed-in Tariff
FMPA - Florida Municiple Power Agency
FPA - Federal Power Act
FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

GAAP - Generally Accepted Accounting Practices
GFCI - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
GFEMS - Generating Facility Energy Management System
GHG - Green House Gases
GHS - Grid harmonization Strategy
GRC - General Rate Case
GRSA - General Rate Schedule Adjustmentby 2020
GTSR - Green Tariff shared Renewable program
GWh - Gigawatt hour

HECO - Hawaiian Electric Companies
HERS - Home Energy Rating System
HFTD - high fire-threat districts
HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning

IBESA - International Battery & Energy Storage Alliance
IBEW - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
ICA - Interconnection, (or Integration) Capacity Analysis
ICC - International Code Council
IDER - Integrated Distributed Energy Resources
IDTM - Initial (interim) Default TOU Migration
IECC - International Energy Conservation Code
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEPR - Integrated Energy Policy Report
ILSR - Institute for Local Self-Reliance
IOU - Investor Owned Utility
IREC - Interstate Renewable Energy Council
IRP - Integrated Resource Plan (Utilities Plan)
IRR - Internal rate of return
ISO - Independent System Operator
ITC - investment tax credit

JDA - Joint Defense Agreement

LBNL - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LCOE - Levelized Cost Of Energy
LEC - Levelized Energy Cost
LEED - Leadership in Energy Efficiency Design
LED - Light-emitting Diode
LGP - Local Government Partnership
LNBA - Locational Net Benefit Analysis
LSA - Laege-Scale Solar Association
LSE - Load serving Entity
LTPP - long-term procurement planning

MACRS - Modified Accelerated credit Recovery System)
MASH - Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing
MBR - Market Based Rate
MBTA - Migratory Bird Treaty Act
ME&O - Marketing, Education & Outreach
MERV - Minimum Efficiency reporting Value
MLPE - Module-Level Power Electronics
MOSFET - Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
MR - Multi-faceted Reflector (lamps)

NARUC - The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners,
NBC - Non By passable Charges
NDC - Nuclear decommissioning Charges
NEM - Net Energy Metering
NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NEPA - National Energy Policy Act
NESP - National Efficiency Screening Project
NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
NERC - North American Electric Reliability Corporation
NGT - Next Generation Technology
NIPSCO - Northern Indiana Public Service Company
NMOT - Normal Module Operating Temp
NOCT - Normal Operating Cell Temp
NOPR - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
NPV - Net Present Value
NRC - Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRDC - Natural Resources Defense Council
NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NRS - Nevada Revised Statue
NRTL - Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory
NSCR - Net Surplus Compensation Rate
NSPM - National Standard Practice Manual
NTTG - Northern Tier Transmission Group
NWA - None-Wire Alternative

OAT - Otherwise Applicable Tariff
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OIR - Order Instituting Rulemaking
ORA - Office of Ratepayer Advocate

PA - Program Admistration
PAC - Program Admistration Cost
PACE - Property-Assessed Clean Energy
PBI - Performance-based incentives
PBR - performance-based regulation
PCA - Power Cost Adjustment
PCC - point of common coupling
PCIA - Power Charge Indifference Adjustment
PCM - production cost modeling
PCR - Power Cost Recovery
PERC - Passive Emitter and Rear Contact
PG&E - Pacific Gas & Electric
PIER - Public Interest Energy Research
PIP - program Implementation plan
PLMA - Peak Load Management Alliance
PNW - Pacific North West
POU - Publicly Owned Utility
POLR - Provider of Last Resort
PPPC - Public Purpose Program Charge
PPT - Pacific Prevailing Time
PSC - Public Service Commission
PSPS - Public Safety Power Shutoff
PUCT - Public Utility Commission of Texas
PUD - Public Utility District
PUHCA - Public Utility Holding Company Act
PURPA - The federal Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act
PVC - Poly Vinyl Chloride

QI/QM - Quality Installation and Quality Maintenance
QR - Code Quick Response Code

RBY - Resource Balance Year
R&D - Research & Development
RA - Resource Adequacy
RAM - Renewable Auction Mechanism
RCP - Resource Comparable Proxy
RD&D - Research, Development and Demonstration
REC - Renewable Energy Credit
ReMT - Renewable Market Adjusting Tariff
RES - Renewable Energy Standard
RFCI - Resilient Floor Covering Institute
RFI - Request for Information
RIM - RatePayer inpact Measure
RPP - Reactive Power Priority
RPS - Renewable Portfolio Standard (State mandate)(Commission Plan)
RRF - Reservation Request Form
RSP - Reference System Plan
RTO - Regional transmission organization
RTP - Real Time Pricing

SACE - Southern Alliance of Clean Energy
SACP - Solar Alternative Compliance Payment
SASH - Single-family Affordable Solar Housing”
SB - Senate Bill (California)
SCE - Southern California Edison
SCG - Southern California Gas
SCS - Scientific Certification Systems
SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SDG&E - San Diego Gas & Energy
SDP - service delivery point
SEIA - Solar Energy Industry Association
SEPA - Smart Electric Power Alliance
SGIP - Self Generation Incentive Program
SGIP - Small Generator Interconnection Procedure
SIWG - Smart Inverter Working Group
SLAPP - Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation
SMACNA - Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor’s National Association
SMCU - Smart Inverter Control Unit
SOMAH - Solar On Multifamily Affordable Housing
SPI - Solar Power International
SRCS - Solar Reward Community Service
SREC - Solar Renewable Energy Credit
STDS - Standards
subLAP - sub-Load Aggregation Point

TDV - Time Dependent Valuation
TES - Thermal Energy Storage
TPO - Third party owned
TRC - Total Resource Cost
TSAPA - Texas Solar Power Association
TURN - The Utility Reform Network

UCC - Uniform Commercial Code
U.S.DOE - United States Department of Energy
UETA - Uniform Electronic Transaction Act
UUT - utility users taxes

VDER - Value of Distributed Energy Resources
VER - Variable Energy Resource
VOC - Volatile Organic Compound
VPP - Virtual Power Plant
VRE - variable renewable energy

WDAT - Wholesale Distribution Open Access Tariff
WE&T - Workforce Education & Training
WHPA - Western HVAC Performance Alliance
WTO - World Trade Organization

ZNE - Zero Net Energy